Afikaris on Booth A13 at AKAA 2019 in Paris, 9-11 Nov 2019

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We are very glad to announce we participated in African contemporary art fair "Also Known as Africa", from 9 to 11 November 2019, in Carreau du Temple, Paris. On this occasion, we were on Booth A13, presenting the latest works by Jean-David Nkot, Slimen El Kamel and Thameur Mejri

Afikaris at Also Known As Africa AKAA art fair 2019 presents Jean David Nkot Thameur Mejri and Slimen El Kamel
Unique fair of contemporary art and design dedicated to Africa in France, AKAA is the Parisian rendez-vous of the passionate or curious about the creative wealth of the African continent, and its artistic influence around the world.

For the fourth consecutive year, AKAA sets up at Le Carreau du Temple from 9 to 11 November. With an ever more specialized selection of art galleries AKAA exhibits the works of the most dynamic artists of the African continent and its diasporas.

With more than 40 participating galleries and 150 artists present each year from around the world, AKAA has become, in only four editions, a must-attend event for collectors, professionals and contemporary art lovers. AKAA is distinguished by its conviviality and its desire for exchanges.


Jean David Nkot was born in 1985 in Douala, Cameroon, where he lives and works. Tormented by the universal spectacle of human cruelty, he is committed to denouncing the apathy of the international community and governments towards the victims.

After graduating from Institut des Beaux-Arts de Foumban, Jean David joined the Post-Master's program "Moving Frontiers" at Paris-Cergy National Graduate School of Art.
Since, his work, which questions the violence of migration on bodies and territories, achieved international recognition. He participated in several international exhibitions such as Cape Town Art Fair, Dakar Biennale, Exhibition at the National Museum of Cameroon, 1-54 London and New York...

Jean David Nkot Indesirable at AKAA Paris 2019 with Afikaris

Slimen Elkamel is a visual artist born in 1983 in Mazouna, Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia. He holds a Master's degree in painting and a PhD from the Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts of Tunis.

The rural surroundings of his youth proved formative to his practice. In his work, he uses memories of traditional folk tales from his childhood and his other passion: writing and poetry, to deal with the notion of virtual reality.
Slimen now achieved international recognition and participated in numerous international art events such as Dubaï Art Fair, Dakar Biennale, 1:54 London and Marrakech, AKAA...

Slimen El Kamel at AKAA 2019 with Afikaris

Thameur Mejri, born in 1982 in Tunis, was trained as a painter at the Institut des Beaux-Arts of Tunis. He now lives and works in Nabeul, in Tunisia.

In his work, Thameur takes a critical view of social and political issues in Tunisia. He deals with all that touches upon social and religious morality, the sacred and the profane, nudity and bigotry, masculinity and brutality...
He exhibits all around the world, including at the French Institute of Islamic Culture (Paris), Art Dubaï 2018, Dakar Biennale, 1:54 New York...


Thameur Mejri at AKAA 2019 Paris with Afikaris