Investment recommendation #1: Jean-David Nkot

Posted by Florian Azzopardi on

The right moment to invest in Jean David Nkot

The young Cameroonian is at a cornerstone of his young career with coming exhibitions in Beirut and London where his selling prices are already soaring. We are confident that Jean-David is a very high return investment.
Jean David Nkot workshopImage: preparation of next series for Beirut Art fair, in his Douala workshop.

4 good reasons to invest now in Jean-David Nkot:

1/ The power of his work
The work of Jean-David Nkot goes far beyond aestheticism, his artpieces are powerful, full of meanings and don't leave indifferent. "I know my images are sometimes tough, but the world is tough and I paint what I feel. I think my work is more for collectors than for design." Jean-David doesn't hesitate to use different techniques like posca, Indian ink, acrylic, silkscreen or collages to spread his messages.

2/ His age, talent and local notoriety
Born in 1985, the artist living in Douala is already one of the most influent artist of the very rich Cameroonian scene and is now a mentor for many young artists.
His talent, mastery of techniques and unique style are obvious for everyone who looks at his work.

3/ His new galleries in London and coming shows
Jean-David Nkot is currently preparing the famous Beirut Art fair (end of September) as well as his first two individual exhibitions in London for both Jack Bell (before end of year) and Sulger-Buel Lovell (in April 2019) galleries. These galleries have been very successful in the past years at building very high ratings for African artists like Aboudia, Boris Nzebo, Mederic Turay or Armand Boua. We strongly believe the same success is promised to Jean-David.

4/ His current rating in London
Even before his exhibition in April 2019, the prestigious Sulger-Buel Lovell gallery is already selling Jean-David's big formats around 6,500 euros, versus less than 3,000 euros on Afikaris (starting price is 1,700 euros). So by investing on afikaris you are making an immediate difference.

Our opinion is that Jean-David's rating will probably soar in the following months and potentially reach 5 digits in the very short term.


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