New "Upright man" standing in Brussels, by Bruce Clarke

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The artist Bruce Clarke has just accomplished a monumental street art performance on a Brussels' building in commemoration of 25th birthday of Tutsi genocide in Rwanda. A new part of his "Upright men" project.

"I am your mother, your father, your grandmother, your grandfather, your sister, your brother, your aunt or your uncle, your cousin, or your child who died 25 years ago in Rwanda. For so long, I have silently cry out my anger, my distress, my broken life. Despite the horror and indifference, I'm still standing upright, waiting for 25 years to get back what was taken to me and what is owed to me: my dignity.
Every April my heart bleeds and every April I struggle and I fight so that those crimes do not go unpunished, so that those crimes are not repeated. Every April I rise up as a torch of hope and every April I stand as a rampart against oblivion.
Every April I am the guardian of the memory of the victims of the Rwandan Tutsi genocide."

"Upright man" by Bruce Clarke in Brussels

The "Upright Men" pursue their fight against dehumanisation, oblivion and ignorance. The project conceived by Bruce Clarke and the Collectif pour des Hommes debout, attempts to give an image of resilience and of dignity to the survivors, to give symbolic reparation to the victims of the Tutsi genocide. initiated in 2014, it has been presented in around twenty cities around the world.

Provisional date for inauguration: April 11, 2019.

Upright Man by Bruce Clarke in Brussels

Upright man by Bruce Clarke in Brussels