Amani Aka Ange, called "Amakan" is a painter born in 1979 in Touba in the North-West of Ivory Coast. Graduated from Bingerville art techniques center and then further trained at the regional art center of Abengourou (CRAMA), he participated to exhibitions in Ivory Coast, Norway and Switzerland, as well as some national and international artfairs. Today he lives and works in Abidjan.

His work is inspired by the "true experience" and perception of things. His desembodied and very expressive images came from a striking event in his young life. As a child, a serious disease disabled him to participate to activities with other children. To offset these physical limiations and express his desire to be like others kids, he developed spiritual and intellectual ressources.
As Socrate said, the soul has more room to develop while disconnected to the body, it can reach the truth without being blured by hearing, seeing and pleasure.

Ten years ago, in his first series of around 20 paintings called "Entreaty", he introduced text in one of his works in order to criticize slavery, racism and defending freedom.
Continuing on this theme and shocked by the terrible post elections war in Ivory Coast, he painted the series "Between chaos and serenity". A series worthy of the great masters of "Tachisme", action painting and gestural painting like Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Hartung, led by red and black drips reflecting this violent period. This period of regression where human lives had almost no value.

After this dark period, Amakan is coming back with a series called "Exaltation" which led him to his first individual exhibition. This series thanks heaven for keeping the artist safe from the disease that confined him to bed during a long time, and safe from the Ivory Coast post-electoral murderous madness. Contrary to the previous series, "Exaltation" uses luminous colors, with yellow and blue as dominant colors.


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