Ange-Martial Méné

Ange-Martial Méné, born in 1977 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and graduated in 2002 from the National School of Fine Arts of Abidjan (ENBA) and the Center for Pedagogical Training for Arts and Culture (CFPAC).
As a visual artist, he draws his inspiration from cave painting. He is reappropriating this old writing and draw upon the past to better understand the present. His work is the combination of an ancient civilization enriched by modernism.
"The origin was innocence and purity," this vision guides Méné and takes him to work with minimalist forms and sober colors. The artist feels the need to express himself with different materials and using different supports and pigments: earth, kaolin, sand, bark juice, etc.. Style and content can’t be dissociated and materials are merged.


« Terre des hommes » Individual exhibition at gallery Out of Africa, Barcelona, Spain.

Exhibition at AKAA artfair, Paris, France.
“No border” exhibition at Gallery Louis Simone Guirandou, Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

“Love is everywhere” exhibition at galery Out of Africa, Spain.
“Phénix” individual exhibition at “L’autre rive Hôtel, Dabou, Ivory Coast.

« Art and wine » individual exhibition at Amani gallery, Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

“Africa plural” exhibition Gallery Out of Africa, Barcelona, Spain.

« Visage d’Afrique » exhibition Gallery Out of Africa, Barcelona, Spain.
« L’énigmatique désir » exhibition ARKADI 16th edition, Abidjan, Ivory Coast.
Dak’art contemporary art biennalle, OFF, Dakar, Senegal.

« La poétique de la blessure» exhibition ARKADI 15th edition, Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Méné Ange-Martial, Queen
100x150cm, Ange-Martial Méné
150x100cm, Ange-Martial Méné
120x150cm, Ange-Martial Méné
114x146cm, Ange-Martial Méné