Camara Demba

Demba Camara was born in Ivory Coast from Guinean parents. He learned as an artist-woodcarver with his older brother. He then worked as a traveling sculptor in several West African countries before settling permanently in Abidjan in 1994.

Like the "traditional" Ivorian sculptors, he puts his artistic skills to the benefit of communities that commission ceremonial sculptures or for the benefit of antique dealers for the manufacture of furniture with bas-reliefs and complex motifs. He also realizes pieces for hotels or a Western clientele for which he makes sculptures on a human scale. He thus has a very varied range of production, responding to orders that leave no room for the development of a personal and truly artistic sculptural work. Today, several sculptors recognized locally for their reproduction of masks and statues, work for Demba Camara in his workshop and under his supervision.

Recently, from an order on the theme of "contemporary fetishes", he had the opportunity to give free rein to his imagination and to find a real status of artist. By choosing to interpret a more and more technological and robotic world, he delivers here a series of new robots, inspired by science fiction movies, comics, video games, advertising or specialized books. These robots very popularized by a mass production in the world, are here largely reappropriated and reinterpreted by the artist. They partially lose their futuristic and dehumanized character, thanks to a reinjection of materials (plastic, glass beads, metals of recovery, etc.), signs and symbols of powers initially reserved for statuary and traditional fetishes. These fetishes seem to come from a syncretic culture hyper contemporary, and are loaded with powers, in relation to issues not only local, but international. They may be considered as an alternative to high technology and specialized science.
Camara Demba is an Ivorian sculptor born in 1970 and living in Abiddjan. Discover his robots, for sale online.
80x27cm, Camara Demba
90x30cm, Camara Demba
78x23cm, Camara Demba
123x27cm, Camara Demba
70x25cm, Camara Demba
110x26cm, Camara Demba
120x42cm, Camara Demba
75x25cm, Camara Demba
62x25cm, Camara Demba
65x25cm, Camara Demba
105x43cm, Camara Demba