Emmanuel Aziseh

Inspired by cartoons like many artists of the 21st century, and able to stand out from others who abandoned the practice of drawing very young. Aziseh decided to join an art training school "Academie Music'Art Eutherpe" in 2009 where he was introduced to painting by two Cameroonian artists: Jasmine BESSOHONG and Fabrice WAMBA. After this short training, he continued his graduate studies at the Institute of Fine Arts Foumban (IBAF) since 2010 under the supervision of artists such as Pascal KENFACK, Idrissou NJOYA (Sa Majesté), Ruth Colette AFANE BELINGA, Olivier TIMMA and many others. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree of fine art in 2013, he went to the workshops of the artist Jean-Jacques Kanté and Hervé YOUMBI in order to perfect his artistic skills. He has worked for around 6 years with mediums such as oil, acrylic and ballpoint pen on supports such as canvas, paper, wall, textiles and the mastery of digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and ArtRage. His work is the expression of the facts that animate the society in which he lives. He uses color as a structural element, able to give life and hope to his multicolor portraits. He dreams of a world of unity, tolerance, were people with different ideologies, racial and religious differences, can live together. More
My philosophy: Art is an act of love.

"When I paint, I do not think about art but life", Basquiat.

My work is the expression of the facts that animate the society in which I live. I am talking about the construction of the person and the human personality. Translating my fears in a world in perpetual mutation, it allows me to mark my existence through an art that wants to be active and not passive. My creative vision as an artist is one that sees not only the artist as the storyteller of the facts of the society, but also the one who rebels against social abnormalities. When I draw, I speak of my daily life as a citizen of the world. The problems of others being not far from being my problems, I represent this human being, victim of all kind of socio-political, economic and cultural manipulation and project the codes of life for a better tomorrow. My creations are an emotional continuation that I carry in me in time and space. Through them, I freeze my daily life on a support, I build my personality and I contribute at the same time in the construction of my persona. I do not ask the injured person how she feels, but I become the injured person.

For the materialization of my ideas, I first pose as an opponent to all forms of misery and the ballpoint pen on paper and acrylic paint allows me to transcend these brakes to creation through time and space. I take inspiration from photographs of victims of all sorts of social anomalies and immerse the spectator in a kind of empathy through their stories and expressions. I use colour as a structural element and its ability to give life and hope to my portraits. These colours contribute to the construction of the work and allow the connection between the human races. Like Pierre de Coubertin with his Olympic Games logo in 1913, these bright colours allow me to identify all human races in my work because the problems of others are naturally our problems since solidarity is a natural necessity that lives in us. I print my stamps using the traditional screen printing technique to enhance my purpose. Each work then appears as a pictorial language in other to open a discussion. To be honest, my work is a laboratory where I deconstruct myself and rebuild myself perpetually in the name of art.

2019 :
Jeune Talent at  361° Espace d'art contemporain, Aix en Provence, France

2018 :
Solo exhibition "Frustrated Desires" at Galerie Art Actuel, Bézier France 
Jeune Talents 2018 at Galerie ESDAC, Aix en Provence, France  
Duo exhibition with Pauline Concordano at Galerie Atelier Agora, Egyuière, France 
ML ART 2018 at Galerie Atelier Agora, Egyuière, France 
Jeune Talents 2018 at 361° Espace d'art contemporain

2017 ::
"Jeune Espoirs 2017" Doual'art Gallery Cameroon
"Mémoires Libérés" National Gallery Cameroon

2016 :
"Jeunesse et Défi Sécuritaire" Cameroon Youth Forum, Buea
Scientific and cultural week University of Dschang Cameroon

2015 :
Cultural week Institute of fine arts Foumban
Cameroon Cultural center, Yaounde
"Jeunesse et culture" Dousmin Center Foumban Cameroon

2014 :
"Rencontre théâtrale" French Cultural Institute Cameroon 

2013 :
"H2O" Espace Jeune Foumban Cameroon

2018 :
Jury prize at Galerie ESDAC, Aix en Provence
Public prize ML'ART 2018 at Atelier Agora, Egyuière
Prize at Jeune talents 2018, 361° Espace d'art Contemporaine, Aix en Provence

2017 :
1st prize art contest "Octobre rose" Aix Marseille University

2016 :
3rd prize National art contest Cameroon on the theme "Mémoires libéré"

2015 :
2nd prize National art contest Cameroon Cultural Center

2nd prize Best technological initiative, National youth day, Foumban Cameroon

2013 :
2nd prize best technological initiative, National youth day Foumban Cameroon​

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