Evans Mbugua

Evans Mbugua was born in Kenya. After high school, he came to France to study at Beaux Arts in Pau, where he got passionated about design.

He calls himself a "graphic recycler", setting himself the task of giving a second life, more colorful and more lively, to urban pictograms. He stylizes them to the extreme and weaves them together to make the background, or better, the signifying frame of his world that comes closer to ours by updating the context of the symbols and founding myths. It gives the illusion of producing the web of the world more than painting a canvas, and for that it assembles the pictograms that seem the most rudimentary, those that require constant attention so that life continues its course, those who before alphabetic writing mark the memory and that we find everywhere in our daily environment. He raises them and puts them back into circulation in the world under glasses that reveal the thickness and transparency of their concatenations.

In a background of widespread recycling facing time’s erosion, his artworks are like stained glass windows, using the power of light to reveal the colors of the background. Their rhythmic repetition, while generating clouds of dots on the surface. These dots, by the virtue of a light and airy writing condense in portraits, in snapshots taken in this turbulence of swirls and images of which the human is the center.
I’m a visual artist and a designer.

I was born in Nairobi, I live in Paris, both modern and cosmopolitan cities that are characterized by the cultural mix of divers populations.

No matter which creative tool I choose to express myself, man is at the heart of my artistic approach. Each one of us has his own story to tell. I portray my life, that of my friends and strangers. In this way, diversity nourishes my curiosity of the world. I take a look at our identities and their hidden facets. I favour portraits to celebrate my characters. I use glass and perspex to beautify my subjects by shine and reflections, while underlining human frailty. In my work, pictograms represent our urban environment which shapes, rhythms our life and which, in turn, becomes my playground.

2019 :
« Mon rêve est pop », Loft Art Gallery, Casablanca, Maroc
« A spectacular now”, Circle Art Gallery, Kenya

« Recall », Art-Z, Paris France
“Portrait tire”, Galerie Emmanuelle Rousse, France
« Trésors d’Afrique », Maison Chaumet, France
« Dialogue », Gallery of African Art (GAFRA), United Kingdom
« Identity », Galeria Out of Africa, Spain

“Highlife”: Galerie Art-Z, France

“Style fusion”, Gallery of African Art, United Kingdom
“Evans Mbugua”, Ellia Art Gallery, France

2019 :
« Africa », Alexia Werrie Gallery, Belgium
« Afrofunk », Art-Z, Paris, France
« Afro, rencontres avec des Afriques », Galerie de L’Escale, Levallois, France
« A group exhibition », Gallery of African Art (GAFRA), United Kingdom
“Cape town Artfair”, ArtCo Gallery, South Africa
“London Art fair”, ArtCo Gallery, United Kingdom

“Background Africa”, ArtCo Gallery / SoArt Gallery, Morocco
“AKAA art fair”, ArtCo Gallery, Paris, France
ART X Lagos Art Fair”, Galeria Out of Africa, Nigeria
“Afrik’au Coeur” Festival des cultures d’Afrique, France
“1-54 contemporary African Art fair”, Gallery of African Art (GAFRA), London, United Kingdom
“ArtCo Sommerausstellung”, ArtCo Gallery, Germany
“FNB Joburg Art fair”, ArtCo Gallery, South Africa
“GAFRA Summer exhibition”, Gallery of African Art (GAFRA), United Kingdom
“Summer exhibition OOA”, Galeria Out of Africa, Spain
“Bewegungen (Mouvements)”, ArtCo Gallery Germany
15 Ans !”, ArtZ, France.
“Art Paris Fair”, ArtCo Gallery, France
“Cape Town Art Fair”, ArtCo Gallery, South Africa

« Exode », Galerie Emmanuelle Rousse, France
“My Collection”, MoCADA museum, USA
“The ArtBall”, Amref Health Africa, USA
“Expo été”, Galerie Art-Z, France
« Itinéraires », Galerie Art-Z, France

« Mode Is Art », Galerie Joseph, France.
« Origines et Trajectoires 2 » Piasa, France
« Cartes et Identités », Galerie Art-Z, France
« Familles », Galerie Emmanuelle Rousse, France
« Origines et trajectoires », Piasa, France
« 14e Salon des Arts Plastiques », Centre Culturel Communal de Pierrefitte, France

2015 :
« Afriques à Venir », Galerie ko21, France
« Afric’Art <=> Villetaneuse » (COP21), HCE Galerie, France
« La semaine de l’Afrique à UNESCO », Paris, France

Evans Mbugua, artist on Afikaris
100x100cm, Evans Mbugua
80x60cm, Evans Mbugua
50x40cm, Evans Mbugua
70x50cm, Evans Mbugua