Hervé Yamguen

Hervé YAMGUEN was born in 1971 in Douala (Cameroon) where he lives and works. His fields of expression are both writing (several publications) and visual arts. He made some forays into photography and live performance (he has mostly performed in the public space). His work has been shown in different countries of the world. Many times in France and Germany and very recently in Ivory Coast.

He regularly creates scenographies for theater and designed and hosted the first urban scenographies at New-Bell, a partnership between Scur'k and the Kapsiki Circle, a collective of artists he co-founded.

The circle has opened the K Factory in New-Bell, a place for transdisciplinary artist residencies, a gallery of contemporary art, and has animated this district with several high-level artistic events. A manifesto of his political, artistic and social commitment in his neighborhood and his country.

Recently inducted into the village of his father, he revives the codes of rituals and customs, while maintaining his posture as a contemporary artist.


«  How to talk with birds, trees, fish, shells, snakes, bulls and lions » at Hamburger bahnhof- museum fur Gegenwart in Berlin
« Histoires de têtes », solo exhibition at MAM galery in Douala
«  Moving frontiers »  Colloquium organized by Cergy-Paris school of fine arts at "Cité internationale des arts de Paris"
« Héroismes ordinaires » reading at "Maison de la poésie" in Paris

"Les chaises de la dignité’’ Salon Urbain de Douala, SUD
"Equilibre fragile", collective exhibition with Sanaa galery, Jansdam 2, Pays Bas.
"Mes origines’’, performance in public space, Modaperf, Yaoundé.

Exhibition at RIPO (rencontre internationale de peinture de Ouagadougou)
Dak’art Off: with MAM galery & Fondation Donvahi : Salifou Lindou, Franck Fanny, Siaka soppo Traoré, Hervé Yamguen
"Le poids des rêves’’ performance at OTHNI theater, Yaoundé
1:54 London with MAM galery: Salifou Lindou – Hervé Yamguen
"Présences" collective exhibition – SCB Cameroun
"Les oiseaux’’ painted metal sculpture exhibition at Doual'art, Douala
IAM collecive exhibition at MAM galery, Douala

1:54 London, Doual’art: Francis Sumégné – Hervé Yamguen
Exhibition at Banque Mondiale of Yaoundé

Exhibition at Bandjoun station, Cameroon

"L’oiseau – conteur’’ solo exhibition at Donvahi fundation, Abidjan
"Mon bel oiseau – mon âme’’ solo exhibition at MAM galery, Douala
"SUD’’ (Salon urbain de Douala) réalisation des sculptures « les  oiseaux» pour un jardin public

2012 :
Histoire surnaturelle’’ drawing and sculpture exhibition, dialogue with Félix Labisse's drawings. Doual’art, Cameroon



  • « Le temps de la saison verte» (poésie) publié aux Ed. les solitaires intempestifs, France, 1998.

  • «  La nuit cristalline», livre objet publié en 12 exemplaires, 2000.

  • « Le déluge en soi n’est jamais trop loin» (poésie) publié  aux Ed du CCF de Douala, 2006.

  • « Boulevard de la Liberté» (poésie) ouvrage collectif publié aux Ed du CCF de Douala, 2006.

  • « Pas d’quartiers» (poésie et nouvelles) ouvrage collectif publié aux Ed du CCF de Douala, 2006.

  • « Journal de la lune-horloge», Editions chez moi-chez toi du collectif 12, 2008.  

  • « Hervé Yamguen», carnet de la création. Editions de l’œil, 2011.

  • « Les oiseaux», dessins et sculptures. Doua’art, 2015.

  • « Public art in Africa », Editions MetisPresse, Italie, 2017.

  • « Héroïsmes ordinaires» chez MaYak / phare Papier en Belgique, 2017.

Hervé Yamguen