Lafurie born Prisca Munkeni...
Ordinary route, ready-made path, marked itinerary. Zairean, born in Brussels in 1981, grew up in Kinshasa in 1984, becoming Congolese throughout history in 1997, she bifurcated ... A Fury slowly hatched in another Africa, within the arc in nascent Johannesburg sky, leaving year after year free at its fascination for people, their grotesque chic, their delicate vulgarity, the sweet torture that tends their destiny.
Then hatched the photographer, eager to freeze the moment, to prolong the taste a first impression, playing with her in time, the sets and her
history. But also mix the real with the fantastic, the probable to unexpected. To surprise and create another truth. Hers.
The country that saw me born is not mine, the state that saw me grow up has disappeared, the nation of my passport barely exists. Remain my culture, in memory weakened by the jolts of history, and whose survival is based only on a handful of people, an oral tradition whose breath is dwindling. Without doubt is this the breeding ground of my art, this propensity to want to make dialogue frozen moments, prolong their existence to infinity, force them to speak in an environment saturated with elements, lights. Over time, objects, places or characters through which our identity is forged, dissipate, memories with diaphanous forms. The weight of their senses, frustrations or pride engendered slowly bury themselves in our daily lives, at the gates of oblivion.
And memory, stuck in this daily loses the thread: why we cry, why we love, why we live.

My photos want to prolong these moments, to memorize in a scene the story of these storytellers, retouch their worlds to give them all their otherness. A fight against time, space, and all their elements. A last tribute before the flood of years.

“Dandy Queens”, Gender Bending Fashion, Group Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston, USA
Black attitude, Pop up Show, Marché rue Dix, Brooklyn, USA

Fly in the milk, Bremen Theater, Bremen, Germany

Fly in the milk, 11e Lieu, Paris, France

Wrong Education, Galerie Esdac, Aix-en-Provence, France

Wrong Education, Photobastei Artwalk exhibition, Zurich

“Oh my god I see famous people”, Goodman Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

Prisca Munkeni Monnier a.k.a. Lafurie