Rafiy Okefolahan

Rafiy Okefolahan was born in 1979 in Porto Novo, Benin. His inspiration? Rafiy draws on what he calls "the noise of the world". Highly influenced by news (problem of migrants, riots, social chaos, etc.), his paintings are the screen on which he projects what he sees, what he dreads, what he wants to denounce. He sees his art as a way to put order in the chaos of reality, to fight against oblivion and never forget. The cultural effervescence of Africa is omnipresent in Rafiy's work, who is constantly seeking to build bridges between African and European cultures. Nomadic artist, his career took him from Togo to Nigeria and various West African countries, before he moved to Senegal for two years at the National School of Arts in Dakar. Today Rafiy works between Benin, Paris and Auxerre.

Exceptional colourist, Rafiy is also a material specialist who integrates into his paintings natural elements such as earth, sand or coffee grounds.

Individual exhibition at Gallery Charron, Paris

Individual exhibition "Passage" at Lazarew gallery in Paris and Brussels

Individual exhibition "Passion" in Geneve

Collective exhibition in GAFRA gallery in London
Individual exhibition "Explosion" at Lazarew gallery, Paris

Individual exhibition at Gallery Out of Africa, Spain

Rafiy Okefolahan on Afikaris
107x107cm, Rafiy Okefolahan
150x150cm, Rafiy Okefolahan
100x120cm, Rafiy Okefolahan
100x100cm, Rafiy Okefolahan