Romeo Temwa

Born in August 20th 1993 in Bafoussam and originally from North of Cameroon, Romeo Lionel Nzegang Temwa is a young plastic artist.
His passion for art grew as years passed by, which led him after his baccalaureate in 2011, to the Fine art Institute of Foumban.
This allowed him to perfect his skills by putting a particular emphasis on drawing; it is also in this discipline that he obtains his professional degree in fine arts and art history in 2014. Laureat of the CSC (Cameroon Student Challenge) in 2015, best drawer in 2015,2016 and in IBAF AWARDS. Some collective exhibitions provide his modest career (SUD 2017 off, COMPETITION YOUTH ESPOIRS 2017, Dialogues au centre d’art contemporain BANDJOUN STATION 2016 . etc ...). His current work addresses the issues of manipulation mechanism through media.
His current work deals with questions of intrinsic adversity related to human duality, or he puts a stress on the mass media as an element of manipulation of public opinion. He attends artists' studios while learning, to improve his work.


Collective exhibition at Carré des artistes bonapriso Cameroon
Collective exhibition at « Off du SUD » Doual’art with Jean David Nkot, Douala, Cameroon
Young promising artist context, Doual’art, Douala, Cameroon
Collective exhibition at Mam galery animated by Simon Njami, Cameroon

OFF of « Salon urbain de Douala », Cameroon
Collective exhibition at Bandjoun station, Cameroon

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