William Bakaïmo

William Bakaimo was born in 1988 in Maroua (extreme north of Cameroon). He graduated as a Fine Arts Design Engineer in 2015.
He participated to several art workshops, in Buea, Yaounde within the context of UNIFAC where he won the second prize in 2012 in the drawing category.
He participates in a workshop organized by the Moleskine Foundation under the direction of Simon Njami. And currently he is doing an academic internship at IN AND OFF ART CENTER at Hako Hankson.
In these works, his characters are primarily inspired by lizard, an animal that William Bakaimo loves, because of his moult.
He says: "To grow, they are forced to get rid of their skin because they can not remain skimpy ... similarly the man also moved to face his society and adapt when living conditions become difficult".
Moreover, as W. Bakaimo explains, he moves himself regularly to evolve, because for him society is constantly changing.
William Bakaimo on Afikaris, African contemporary art
46x53cm, William Bakaimo
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130x140cm, William Bakaimo
120x130cm, William Bakaimo
50x55cm, William Bakaimo
52,5x55cm, William Bakaimo
130x150cm, William Bakaimo
140x130cm, William Bakaimo