Afikaris is one !

It’s been a bit more than one year since Afikaris was born, so I think it is the right moment for a big “thank you” to all artists, customers, collaborators and partners who trusted this project, and for an update about our first results and strategy.

In one year our vision has evolved from “Making contemporary art from Africa more accessible” to “Become a reference destination for African contemporary arts”. We want to promote the most interesting catalogue of artists, be considered as talent-spotters and play an important role in the careers building of the artists.

In term of strategy, we have been adapting a lot during this year, from a fully online approach, we are now moving to a hybrid online / offline model. We want to be innovative but believe that to be successful in this market it is crucial to get the recognition of its “classic actors” first, so since few months we have decided to invest a lot in our offline visibility.

Let’s talk about figures: in a bit more than one year we have managed to sell 92 artworks to 39 different customers in 9 countries, with an average artwork value being around 3,500 euros (from 600 to 15,000 euros), so a turnover around 320k euros.
Recurrence is key and 50% of our customers have purchased more than one piece, 25% on different months.

This is an encouraging first year reflecting a great traction for African contemporary arts.
From scratch, we have managed to build an interesting community of customers and artists who like our approach, values and brand. These first results will enable us to get the funding to invest in our development. 

For the months to come, our main objectives will be to:

  • Consolidate the artist base and search for new talents
  • Promote artists offline through art fairs and exhibitions
  • Build partnerships with relevant institutions
  • Improve our communication (including our media footprint)
  • Rethink our online tools in order to improve navigation, work visualization and recommendations

Our team is also enlarging as we will soon be 4 people working full time on the project.

Happy to discuss with anyone interested in our project!

See you soon!

Florian Azzopardi
Founder of Afikaris