"Hungry and Angry"


In his series of portraits "Hungry and Angry", Nigerian artist Sejiro Avoseh depicts the indigents. He focuses on the poorest, the "mass" which is marginalised and ignored by the government. He paints a corrupted power, which forgets its people and leaves them to live in deplorable conditions, in favour of re-election.

Far from being fictional, the "Hungry and Angry" series refers directly to the current political situation in Nigeria. If Sejiro Avoseh imagined this series before the demonstrations of October and the subsequent inhumane retaliations, it illustrates this feeling of injustice and helplessness which has fuelled the current events. It embodies a revolution against abyssal inequalities and a struggle for more freedom and social improvements. Thus, it is part of a global contestation of the regime.

I go chop you before I die #4 by Nigerian artist Sejiro Avoseh from Hungry and Angry seriesSEJIRO AVOSEH
Acrylic and oil stick on paper
74 x 53 cm

Between figuration and abstraction, Avoseh’s artworks are collections of memories and include fragments of life. The use of the collage technique anchors his art in the news of his time. The pictorial treatment of the portrait: deconstructed, strengthens the violence of the title I go chop you before I die and translates the anger highlighted by the series. If the title appears violent, it reflects a country torn by violence. The anger embodies the rise of the Nigerian youth, which fights, asphyxiated, to change the established order. 

Hungry and Angry. That is the state of people made invisible by authorities, abandoned and left to themselves, having to face shortages and extreme poverty. 

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