As part of the Classique ! group show - From July 16th to September 17th, 2022 - we are glad to introduce La Journaliste by Salifou Lindou.

LEFT. OTTO DIX, PORTRAIT DE LA JOURNALISTE, SYLVIA VON HARDEN, 1926, Oil Paint, Tempera,  121x89 cm. Collection: Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
RIGHT. SALIFOU LINDOU, LA JOURNALISTE, 2022. Acrylic, pastel and collage on canvas. 130x100 cm

The piece by Otto Dix has various characteristics of works made during the New Objectivity movement, Portrait of the journalist Sylvia von Harden imposed itself in the 1920s as one of the most decried works by the German regime. The artist, Otto Dix, a controversial creative who gained fame in 1923, with his work La Tranchée, was a pioneer of this moment and added to the substance of the period.

Wanting to represent a brutal and contradictory society, far from a perfectionist reality as the Weimar Republic wanted to portray to the world, Otto Dix draws inspiration from Grünewald and Dürer by presenting portraits with sharp and resolutely realistic styles. 

A leading figure in 20th century German women's liberation, Sylvia von Harden breaks the codes by sporting a boyish haircut, drinking alone in a bar with a cigarette in hand while carrying a career that leaves many men of the time shocked. Immortalised by Otto Dix, according to the codes that made her famous, her portrait will leave a lasting mark on the spirits of the time, while bringing a stone of first choice to the building of a free and independent woman in Germany, but also in the entire world. 

Salifou Lindou, Cameroonian artist whose plural works integrate sculpture, video, drawing and painting with a single goal: to understand and magnify the human in its complexity and its relationship to its environment. His works focus on the human being and the contrasting and paradoxical facets, Salifou Lindou offers his reinterpretation of the classics of  New Objectivity. More than love at first sight for the work of Otto Dix, Salifou Lindou found himself within this work because of his love of portraiture. He favours portraiture that is detached from realism and focuses on highlighting the human entirely, where beauty and ugliness co-exist. 



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