Who are we?

Our vision

Our vision is to become the reference destination for contemporary art from Africa and African diaspora, by promoting the best and most complete catalogue of artists, at the right price and providing the best service to our customers and artists.

The best and most complete catalogue of artists
Afikaris is selecting the best artists from Africa, African diaspora or with African influences.
We want to work with the most promising artists, from young talents to already internationally recognized artists.
We are convinced by the potential of each of our artists and personally invest in most of them.

Because we work both with young and already famous artists, our price range is quite large: today it is from around 1,000 to 20,000 euros. As a consequence we have a very wide panel of customers, from people purchasing their first artwork to very experienced collectors.

Gideon Appah, Emmere papa

An artist-centric approach
We put artists at the center of our project, give them the right rewards for their work, immediate payment and our full support to develop their career.

Rafiy Okefolahan, Faubourg Saint-Denis

A seamless experience

With Afikaris the experience starts in a workshop in Africa and ends at the door of your living room. Our service includes:

  • Artworks shipping to your door
  • Custom authorizations and fees payment
  • Artwork preparation. We work with the best workshops to magnify your artworks, as for an exhibition. Depending on the type we re-stretch it on canvas, put it on adapted supports, frame it, etc.. When delivered to your door it will be ready to be showcased
  • Secure payment
  • Free return in the next 14 days after delivery
Jean-David Nkot, Face au chemin

The founder - Florian Azzopardi

  • Son of antique sellers he grew up in art world.
  • Fond of sciences he got a graduation from Centrale Paris engineering school.
  • After working in finance and consulting he was part of the big success of Jumia: "The Amazon of Africa" where he developed the marketplace of sellers across 5 countries.
  • During Jumia years he traveled a lot in Africa, mostly in Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Ivory Coast and Morocco, started meeting artists, and purchased his first artworks.
  • In 2018, he decided to conciliate his passion for art with his e-commerce and African experience to launch AFIKARIS.