About us

Our vision

Our vision is to become a reference gallery for contemporary art from Africa and African diaspora, by promoting the best and most complete catalogue of artists.

Who we are?

Afikaris is a young contemporary art gallery created in 2018, promoting emerging artists whom Africa has been influencing life and work. 

From young talents to already renowned artists, Afikaris fosters many different perspectives on Contemporary Africa in its various facets. The objective is of gathering all these talents and their respective visions into a large community of artists where the established generation and the new one both learn from each other. With this in mind, Afikaris also focuses on supporting undiscovered artists living on the continent.

The gallery, which operates online and from its showroom in  Paris, is active all around the world via international fairs and travelling exhibitions.


The founder - Florian Azzopardi

  • Son of antique sellers he grew up in art world.
  • Fond of sciences he got a graduation from Centrale Paris engineering school.
  • After working in consulting, he was part of the success of the #1 African e-commerce company where he developed the seller base across 5 countries.
  • During this experience he traveled a lot in Africa, mostly in Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Ivory Coast and Morocco, started meeting artists, and purchased artworks.
  • In 2018, he decided to conciliate his passion for Africa and art with art with his e-commerce and African experience to launch AFIKARIS.