Àsìkò is a visual artist who expresses his ideas through the medium of photography and mixed media.
He was born in London, England and spent his formative years in Lagos, Nigeria and adolescent years in London.

His work is constructed in the narrative that straddles between fantasy and reality as a response to his experiences of identity, culture and heritage.

His project Layers was featured on the BBC and Huffington Post and exhibited at the South Bank in London. His recent project Adorned was recently exhibited at The Gallery of African Art in London and made up his first solo show at Rele Gallery in Nigeria.
He currently creates works in London and Nigeria.

April: Conversations + The Woman Code, solo Show Gallery of African Art, London
February: Looks Like Me Black Panther Portraits, Black Cultural Archives, London
February: Afrofuturism Looks Like Me (Black Panther portraits) British Film Institute, London

October: Adorned series Adorned series, Rele Gallery, Lagos
September: StyleFusion Adorned series, Gallery of African Art, London
May: Culinary Art Samsung showcase art exhibition, Rele Gallery, Lagos
March: Layers International Women's Day, South Bank Centre, London
March: Layers Women's Equality Party, London