7 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth

75003 Paris



Tuesday — Saturday: 11 AM — 7 PM

+ 33 6 85 62 29 53



Formed in 2018 with the mission to promote artists from Africa and the diaspora, AFIKARIS settled down in December 2020 in le Marais in Paris. It moved during summer 2022 in a larger location on Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth. The gallery showcases works by artists from Africa and the diaspora by aiming to provide their works with international visibility through participating in exhibitions, art fairs and collaborations with cultural institutions. 


The gallery aims to be a place for exchange and dialogue, engaging in conversation with the public and challenging them to question certain ideals within society. AFIKARIS provides voices for its artists on topical issues as well as subjects at the heart of their art. It is also a space for reflection about the African contemporary art scene, including both emerging and established talents.