Marc Posso

Marc Posso is a photographer born in 1996 in Gabon. He lives and works in Paris. He started photography in 2015. His work focuses on the African continent, the diversity of its cultures and African identity.

Marc was finalist of the contest Huawei Next Images 2019 and was exhibited in this context during Paris Photo FAIR 2019. Moreover, he participated in advertising campaigns for brands like Galeries Lafayette, Karatvanier and Marché Noir Lomé-Paris or editorials for Christian Louboutin Beauty, Kente Gentlemen, and Kimpaa.

Marc also participated in a few group shows in Gabon, France, and Norway.


When did you start photography? What were your motivations? 
I’ve got a camera since 2012 but I started to be attracted by shooting portraits in 2015. It was triggered by the exhibitions I visited and by the people I met from different cultures and origins with stories specific to each. 

What kind of camera do you use? 
I currently use a Canon 6D. 

Who are the people you take pictures of? 
The people I portrait are mainly people I meet on Instagram and who are, now, for most of them, my friends.  

What is the message you want to convey through your work? 
My work aims at representing and sharing the image I have from the African continent, mainly through the Africans identity and the diversity of cultures of the continent. Africa is still today victim of stereotypes. I stand to celebrate African beauty and to improve the image still present to some of Africa and its heirs. 

What are your sources of inspiration? 
I’m inspired a lot by the history of my models. Beyond that, the fact that I’ve been raised in Gabon and experienced the realities of my country; and to regularly discuss with other African people, also feed my inspiration. Songs, traditions, and customs train my spirit to be inspired by this cultural mix. I also have a look at the work of some photographers as Malick Sidibidé who is my favorite photographer. 

What are your upcoming projects? 
I plan to go to as many African countries as I can. I would like to immerse myself in all these cultures that I heard about. I also would like to discover new cultures to improve my knowledge of them and to improve my art.