Gideon Appah

Gideon Appah was born in Accra, Ghana in 1987. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts at The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana in 2012. His first solo exhibition dubbed 'sensation' at the Goethe Institute in Accra a year after his BFA graduation. Since, Gideon has held exhibitions in Ghana and internationally including Turbine art fair, Johannesburg Art fair and a solo booth at 1:54 Art fair in New York in 2018.

Growing up in a large family, the works are reflective of a life characterized by strong emotional bonds, religious activities and folklore. Through nostalgic blues, deep green landscapes and charcoal, his dreamlike compositions place typical domestic interiors from 1980s and 90s Ghana against surreal landscapes.

Using thick, rough applications of acrylic upon collaged layers of appropriated posters, prints and photographs, Appah directly references his own familial histories. The posters used - advertising haircuts, barber shops and tailoring - relate to occupations of his aunts, uncles and grandparents, the overall result becoming an artistic archive of communal life in Accra.

Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Afikaris Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
Frieze New York art fair, Mitchell-Innes & Nash Gallery, New York, United States

"Love letters", solo show, 1957 Gallery, Accra, Ghana
"Estancia Femsa", Casa Barragan, Mexico City, Mexico

1:54 Art Fair, Solo booth, New York, US

"In Pokua's place", solo show, Nubuke Foundation, Accra, Ghana
"Between a life and its dream (Scrawl paintings)", solo show, Absa Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa
"Orderly/Disorderly", Ghana Science Museum, Accra, Ghana
"Arising African Perspectives", LKB/G, Hamburg, Germany
"Alternative Facts", The Road Gallery, New York, USA

"Origins and Lineages", DF Contemporary Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
"Kindle", Gallery2, Johannesburg, South Africa
Johannesburg Art Fair, Kuenyehia Art Prize, Johannesburg, South Africa
Turbine Art Fair, Gallery2, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Sensation", solo show, Goethe Institute, Accra, Ghana

Art Dubai Residency, Dubai

Young Ghanaian artist, Nubuke Foundation, Accra, Ghana

Barclays L’Atelier Residency, Bag Factory Studios, Johannesburg, South Africa

Barclays L’Atelier Art Competition, Johannesburg, South Africa - Merit Award winner
Kuenyehia Art Prize, Accra, Ghana - Top Ten Finalists

Live workshop, Clay Objects, Past and Present Aesthetics, Nubuke Foundation, Ghana

Young Generation Show, TV Africa, Accra, Ghana
Be Bold Show, ETV Ghana, Accra, Ghana

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100x80cm, Gideon Appah
224x248cm, Gideon Appah
250x200cm, Gideon Appah
123x106cm, Gideon Appah
130x194cm, Gideon Appah