Salifou Lindou

With texts by Fabiola Ecot Ayissi, Gabriella Badjeck, Dr Ruth Afane Belinga, Dr Sivia Forni, Vanina Kape, Aude Christel Mgba, Juste Constant Onana Amougoui, Dr Paul-Henri Souvenir Assako Assako, Yves Xavier Ndounda Ndongo, 2022

Publisher: Les Ateliers Lindou.

ISBN: 979-10-699-8853-8

Dimensions: 23,5x17cm

pages: 223

This monograph published in 2022 traces the career of the Camerounese painter Salifou Lindou Fouanta from the start of his career througto the present day. The curatorial team includes Gabriela Badjeck (project manager), Yves Xavier Ndounda Ndongo (commissioner for the project), Dr Silvia Forni (Lead of scientific monitoring), Francine Abada (Graphic designer and communications chief), Yves Ngassam (Photographer and video maker for the project) and Vaina Kape (Project manager at the Ateliers Lindou). They pay homage to this artist, recognized as the mentor of an entire generation of artists.