Ousmane Niang

“ My strength sets in my eye, my spirit and the instinct of my hand”.   

Ousmane Niang was born in 1989 in Tamba, Senegal. Trained at Ecole nationale des arts in Dakar, Ousmane likes to mix techniques and influences in his work.  

His paintings, which draws from pointillism technique, represent symbolizing society’s words through man-animal forms and expressions. The human-animal figure reveals both the endurance and the fragility of the social being in the face of powers of all kinds.

His paintings touches upon various subjects as freedom, tyranny, sharing, traditions, technologies and family life. 

The pointillist inspiration of his work is not trivial. Each single point here conceptualize a solution to a specific social issue. More than a technic, the point is the nerve center of a social conflict, representing the society in which he lives. 

"Each point represents a solution of a social problem. My goal is to make art a factor of development and to introduce young people to research and creation, so that they do not become just consumers”.

The young painter hopes to contribute to building a fairer world and does not neglect his role as an artist in suggesting solutions to problems that arise in his country and in the world. 

He intends to alert African leaders to the Western world dominance and to bring self-confidence to the young generation. 

"We are sharing the world. The strong take large shares and the weak find themselves without anything. That's what makes us young Africans step back."

120x90cm, Ousmane Niang
100x100cm, Ousmane Niang
150x150cm, Ousmane Niang
170x150cm, Ousmane Niang